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Past Programs

World Bank/ Brac/NURRU

World Bank/ Brac International/ NURRU; An innovative and integrated approach to enhance smallholder family nutrition project. The World Bank in Partnership with Brac International and Network of Ugandan Researchers and Research Users undertook a mini-census titled ‘an innovative and integrated approach to enhance smallholder family nutrition project.  The mini-census was undertaken in Ibanda, Kabwohe, Kyotera, and Lukaya, sites.

This program was specifically designed to attack the multi dimensional and interlocking causes of malnutrition and poor health outcomes: financial, market, agricultural, informational and behavioral constraints. It was implemented with financial and technical support from the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) of the World Bank.

Central to the project was  focus on women and girls, who act as the “gatekeepers” of family nutrition and health and are often the household’s primary agricultural laborers. It was expected that the beneficiaries of agricultural inputs to smallholder farmers would be about 60% female. Additionally, the program targeted exclusively smallholder households.

World Bank in Partnership with the Japan Development funds (JSDF); The Network of Ugandan Researchers and Research Users (NURRU) in partnership with BRAC(Bringing Resources Around Communities) International, were beneficiary institutions to this grant; where a Baseline research titled ‘Impact Evaluation and Financial Product Innovation for Agricultural Technology adoption was undertaken. The household socio economic baseline survey in the Central and Western regions of Uganda, in the districts of Rakai, Kyotera, Sheema and Ibanda respectively, was undertaken.

World Bank/ Brac International/ NURRU; USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Market Research Project. The purpose of conducting market research in accordance with FAR 15.202 entitled “Advisory Multi-Step Process,” was to gain an understanding of the capabilities and qualifications that exist in the marketplace as well as to formulate a performance-based acquisition strategy.   The Government intends to use such information gathered as part of the competitive process to “down-select” the most viable sources.

Department for International Development [DFID] – Civil Society Umbrella Programme [CSUP] Grant No.AG4485; European Union [EU] Civil Society Capacity Building Programme [CSCBP] Contract No.C7/A192/2005; and the International Development Research Centre [IDRC] – PICTURE Africa Grant No.103876-001; PANOS EA;IDRC

Poverty Information & Communication Technology in Urban & Rural Eastern Africa (PICTURE Africa)

PICTURE Africa was a three year research project (2006-2009) funded by the IDRC under agreement No.103876-001.   The study was titled, “Poverty, Information and Communication Technology in Urban and Rural Eastern Africa: Case Studies from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania”.   NURRU was the Lead Agency and other participating organizations were; Commission for Science and Technology [COSTECH] -Tanzania, Institute of Development Studies [IDS] University of Nairobi-Kenya, OSSREA- Rwanda chapter-Rwanda and the University Of Kwazulu Natal -South Africa.  The major objective of this study was to assess the relationship between poverty and ICTs in the East African Region. More Past Programs