NURRU Profile

The Network of Ugandan Researchers and Research Users (NURRU), a registered national non-governmental organization (NGO) was formed in 1994. The Dutch government provided support from its inception to 2005.

Governance: NURRU governance is at three levels – 1) The General Assembly where paid-up members approve its Constitution, Strategic Plan, Audited Accounts and Programmes; 2) Board of Directors where the members develop policies and supervise the Secretariat; 3) The Secretariat where the Chief Executive Officer work with Secretariat staff to implement programme activities, network and collaborate with different organisations within and outside Uganda, all related to research activities.

Research: NURRU has consistently promoted participatory, action-oriented research and studies that ensure deep understanding of issues at stake and how the users can apply knowledge right from their participation in the research related activities up to planning, implementation and evaluation of specific interventions. Other related activities are baseline studies, monitoring and evaluation, and consultancies as may be contracted by clients.

Capacity Building: NURRU programmes have trained members, non-members and students on research methods with success and some beneficiaries have attained degrees, post-graduate degrees and certificates in different fields.

Advocacy: NURRU has participated in various activities including UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN Financing for Development, Climate Change, Human Rights – Children, Women, Older Persons, Youth, Disabled, Conflict Affected Persons, Pastoralists,

Collaborators: NURRU Network members, individuals, District Local Governments, Ministries, Statutory Organizations, Universities, Research Institutions, Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector, Faith Based Organizations (FBO), Development Partners, Media at local, national, regional and international levels.

Sources of Funds: NURRU Members, Grants and Donations.

Past and Present Funders: Dutch Government, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Department for International Development (DFID), European Union (EU), USAID, National Democratic Institute (NDI) and World Bank, Regional Centre for Small Arms (RECSA), UNDP, Green-Touch, Commonwealth Foundation, Conflict Early Warning Uganda (CEWERU), East African Community (EAC), GTZ.

Location: Plot 9C off Martyrs way, Ministers Village, Ntinda, P.O.Box 24011, Kampala, Uganda




Vision: A leading regional research network

Mission Statement: To excel in action oriented research for sustainable development 

Objectives of the Organization:

  1. To generate relevant knowledge for sustainable development
  2. To disseminate Research output to stakeholders for utilization
  3. To advocate and engage with stakeholders for uptake of research outputs for policy and development
  4. To enhance and build a strong research and research user network for sustainable development
  5. To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of NURRU governance, Management, systems ans structures