Current Programs

S/No  Researcher Concept Paper Title
 1 Ms. Manisurah Aheebwa Social Protection: A Comparative Analysis of the Care of the elderly among the Baganda and Karamojong Tribes in Uganda
 2 Ms. Nantale Ann Sanitation Practices in Luuka Iganga District.
 3 Mr. Joseph Atepo & Dr. Tamim (RIDF) Technologies and Innovations for Enhanced Management of Livestock Feeds and Feed Management Systems.
 4 Dr. Rutaagi K. Robert Uganda’s Lack of Economic Competitiveness will Frustrate Attainment of its Middle Income Status.
 5 Ms. Salome  Angom The Role of  Social Support Networks in coping with Urban Poverty among Women in Natete slum in Kampala
 6 Ms. Merinah Konyonyo Martial Violence Among Spouses in Uganda:
 7 Mr. Ogwang Calvine Women’s Access to Justice: Land and Gender Based Violence
 8 Mr. Fred Ouma (URAA) Land Grabbing Cases in Hoima District
 9 Mr. Edmond Nkalubo Study on Awareness of the Copyrights Law among Entrepreneurs.
 10 Mr. Simon Omoding

Relationship between country origin of FDI and the quality of Jobs created by foreign investors in Uganda: The Case of Kampala & Mukono Districts.